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Ana  Felipe

Exhibitions and courses run by Ana Felipe

Raku Course

How Raku courses are run.
On many occasions, Ana has given Raku courses that cover a range of aspects from preparing pastes and glazes to the various techniques of production and even how to build practical kilns for this technique, which comes to us from the Orient.  
She has also given courses on glazes and other finishings as well as on decorative techniques and traditional ceramics
If any of these courses appeal to you, do get in touch.


Course in ceramic techniques with porcelain.

In this course we look at the characteristics of porcelain paste and the various techniques that can be employed to work with it, both in the formal aspect and looking and the wide range of decorative techniques available.

Contact Ana if you are interested in taking courses in porcelain.

Engraving courses

Ana has had comprehensive training in engraving and has given numerous courses, having worked as Leader of the workshop "Antonio Saura" for the Fuendetodos Goya Foundation, which was run in Goya’s birthplace.
Contact Ana if you are interested in taking courses in engraving.


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